Dstar Sportster Carbon Fibre Shorty Rear Fender + assembly kit

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Dstar Carbon Fibre Shorty Rear Fender for Sportsters.

This shorty fender is the perfect addition to your bike to really make it stand out while adding a modern aggressive look.

Comes in black gelcoat so can be used straight away (there maybe small imperfections or marks in the gelcoat), or sanded down and painted to your custom colour.

Made from Carbon Fibre means this fender is super strong, and super light!
Really adds a touch of class with the carbon visible when you look underneath.

Mounting bolt, washers and spacer some with the fender so its ready to install.
The bolt supplied is the length needed if you have added a solo sprung seat, but please check the length is correct and will not touch your tyre when suspension is fully loaded.

These are handmade in the UK.
Due to being hand made and cut, there maybe imperfections from moulding an cutting. When measuring for the centre please lay the back curve flat before finding the centre as offsetting the mounting hole can cause the fender to sit twisted.

Important Notice:
Please ensure the bolt is the correct length for your suspension and tyre. Cut to desired length if needed.
We do not accept any responsibility for any damaged caused when fitting or riding using this product.

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