Battery Tender - Power Tender Charger - 12V - 5A

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After 50 Years in business Deltran is the largest supplier of battery chargers for the motorsport industry and OE supplier for many leading bike and automobile manufacturers.

These are customers that know about quality and refuse to gamble with race results or customer satisfaction.
All Battery tenders coem with ISM (infinite Sequential Monitoring) software which communicates with the batter and the microprocessor adapts automatically to the charging needs of an individual battery.

CE approved and ready to charge all AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), gel, sealed maintenance free and regular batteries upto 100%.
Can be used as a regular charger after which it automatically swicthes to maintenance mode.
This means you can leave it on for months (winter time) and always be sure that you will have a fully charged and well maintain battery.
A temperature compensating sensor is built in which senses temperature charge after which the microprocessor adjusts voltage  






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Important Notice:
Please ensure threads are clean before inserting bolts. If bolt gets sticky in the thread, please run a thread tap through the thread to clear.
Do not over tighten bolts as this may cause damage to the bolt or  threads.
We do not accept any responsibility for any damaged caused when fitting on in use.