Belt Pulley Guard Kit - Multi Block - Harley Davidson Sportster

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Dstar Customs Harley-Davidson Sportster Blackout Front Belt Pulley Guard and fixings kit.

This kit consists of;

1x Belt Pulley Guard
3x Black Spacer
3x Black Bolts


Made from
Pulley Guard - Steel with high gloss powder coating

Bolts: 12.9 Alloy Steel - Suitable for high tensile applications
Finished with Zinc & Black Nickel Plating to give a corrosion resistant coating.

Important Notice:
Please ensure threads are clean before inserting bolts. If bolt gets sticky in the thread, please run a thread tap through the thread to clear.
Do not over tighten bolts as this may cause damage to the bolt or engine threads.
We do not accept any responsibility for any damaged caused switching bolts.

It is your responsibility to ensure your bike is road legal at all times and all parts meet local laws.
Vehicles should be have all parts and bolts checked after the first 50 miles of use, then every 100-150 miles after to ensure everything is fastened correctly and in good operational order.