Dstar Exhaust Wrap - Fiberglass Heat Insulating 2" Wide - Black

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2" (50mm) wide x 50ft (15 meter) long roll.
Incl. 4 stainless steel straps.
Cooling exhaust gasses lose velocity and scavenging effect is reduced.
Exhaust insulating wrap will improve horsepower by optimizing the thermal efficiency of the exhaust, and protects from nasty burns, in one go.

Note: 30cm of exhaust pipe requires approx. 97cm (1 3/4" pipe) and 112cm (2" pipe) exhaust wrap.
Based on 50mm wide wrap and a wrapping overlap of approx. 6.5mm.
Wrap ends can be secured with the included 4 universal stainless steel tie-wraps/straps.

Note: Material will discolor under influence of heat.

For extra or replacement stainless tie-wraps / straps / cable-ties see our exhaust product page

Fitment : Before application, submerge heat wrap roll in a bucket of water and apply wet, once fitted its recommended you run the bike for a period of time to fully dry the heat wrap.

Please ensure exhaust wrap is fully dry before storing the bike away, left wet may cause rusty and corrosion 
your exhaust system. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE – D-Star Racewear and Customs / Messrs Johnson accept no responsibility for any mechanical issues that your vehicle whilst using a custom exhaust.
With the correct fitment and fuel tuning (if you have an fp3 please see the product info for setup) these will operate to perfect conditions.

We accept no responsibility for incorrect fitment or any issues with exhaust corrosion.

It is your responsibility to ensure your bike is road legal at all times and all parts meet local laws.
Vehicles should be have all parts and bolts checked after the first 50 miles of use, then every 100-150 miles after to ensure everything is fastened correctly and in good operational order.