Dstar Radiator Grill - Softail

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Dstar Customs Harley-Davidson Radiator Grill

This coll stealthy radiator guard not only looks good, but acts to protect your radiator from stone chips and damage, while allowing perfect airflow to keep your radiator cool.

1x Radiator Grill
2x Blackout Bolt
2x Black Washer
1x Black Nut

Finish: Gloss Black Powder Coating

Fits: All Softail models


IMPORTANT NOTICE – D-Star Racewear and Customs / Messrs Johnson accept no responsibility for any mechanical issues that your vehicle.

It is your responsibility to ensure your bike is road legal at all times and all parts meet local laws.
Vehicles should be have all parts and bolts checked after the first 50 miles of use, then every 100-150 miles after to ensure everything is fastened correctly and in good operational order.