Footpeg Conversion Bracket Set 2" Extension - Black

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2" Forward Foot Controls Extension in Black, plus used as an adapter that will allow installation of all regular 'male mount' H-D rider pegs.

Late model Sportsters with forward controls like the XL1200C (Custom) X (Forty-Eight) and V (Seventy-Two) are equipped with a different style rider footpeg, which will not take the regular H-D style male mount rider peg.

This conversion kit allows you to re-use all regular H-D style rider footpegs so all custom pegs will fit.

Fits: > 10-19 XL1200X/XS; 11-19 XL1200C; 12-16 XL1200V

Important Notice:
Please ensure threads are clean before inserting bolts. If bolt gets sticky in the thread, please run a thread tap through the thread to clear.
Do not over tighten bolts as this may cause damage to the bolt or  threads.
We do not accept any responsibility for any damaged caused when fitting on in use.