Harley Davidson Big Twin Black Stainless Engine Bolt Kit

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Harley-Davidson Big Twin black stainless engine bolt kit. Made from A2 stainless steel these UNC socket cap screws won't go rusty like the stock bolts and being available in black is a must when blacking out your engine.

Kit Covers the following: 

  • Alternator Cover
  • Tappet Blocks
  • Derby Cover
  • Transmission Housing
  • Points Cover
  • Primary Housing
  • Points Cover
  • Rocker Cover

The kit is easy to fit with a bit of patience and we found the best way is to do one bolt at a time, you will need a set of Imperial allen keys preferably the ball end ones

Important Notice:
Please ensure threads are clean before inserting bolts. If bolt gets sticky in the thread, please run a thread tap through the thread to clear.
Do not over tighten bolts as this may cause damage to the bolt or engine threads.
We do not accept any responsibility for any damaged caused switching bolts.